“The help you and your staff gave me was excellent. Telephoning also was not a problem. The staff spoke very well, clearly and was very helpful also. Moving to another part of England and starting to look for a really good solicitor is sometimes very hard to find but I can fully reiterate just how good they are.”

Mrs F

“Firstly I would like to thank Simon for his continuous encouragement throughout my divorce; he gave me strength which I didn’t know I had in me. The service from your company was second to none; they were always so helpful polite and nothing was ever too much trouble. Simon always from the very first day of meeting him had my BEST interest at heart throughout the whole divorce. Simon was always so calm and relaxed with everything which made me feel very comfortable. I would like to thank Simon and staff for everything that they have done for me and my children as I got all that I was entitled to and Simon made sure of that right up to the end.

I would without hesitation recommend your company and I will never forget what you have done for me.
Thanks again.”

Mrs H

“Dear Simon,

A note to thank you for your professional advice and support throughout my Mother’s judicial separation and the ensuing financial matters including the finalising of the reversionary trust. At all times you have given sound advice which the courts have supported. Despite saying you are not a trust lawyer you have acquitted yourself as an expert in this field. It would be great if you would allow me to entertain you to some lunch. Kind regards and look forward to seeing you.”

Mr M, Cheshire

“Simon right from the start led me through the whole procedure. He always seemed like a wise old owl. Throughout the divorce as a man I had to fight to keep the children and to get half of the assets. Simon was always calm, thoughtful and diligent. His moves, in what became a long drawn out game of strategy, were always well thought out and proved to be correct. He would always give an honest opinion as to the way forward, giving opinions, likely outcomes and financial implications.”

Mr KBusinessman

“Simon always listened to your point of view and took your advice on how you wanted to proceed. He never did anything without your say so. I found this very reassuring. As I was the respondent there were long periods where nothing happened. During these times I was impressed that Simon did no unnecessary work and his charges fell to a minimum. Simon[‘s] advice was very good as both counsellor and a legal professional.”

Mrs MFreelancer

“Having never been to court before Simon was very reassuring with regards to the procedures of the day. Simon had arranged a barrister to attend. They both put me at my ease throughout the day and conducted a wonderful argument against my wife’s solicitor. If asked whether the expense of a barrister is worth it at court, after all my wife only had her solicitor, the answer would be a resounding yes. My divorce is now over and I have continued to use Simon for other legal activities such as the drafting of a will and final settlement of the family home. In summary, I would describe Simon as kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring.”

Donald AnonBusiness Owner

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Anna GreenManager